Created for the CrossXPollinatioN exhibition held at Colac Performing Arts Centre, July 2018.  The theme of the exhibition was 'Journey'.  This was an artistic representation of my reflections about the Environment as I walked and participated in the Mountain to Mouth as one of the co-creators of the Canoe that was carried for 80km along the contemporary songline. Beginning at the sacred land of the You Yangs I reflected on the beauty of that environment and how the traditional owners both used and also protected and cared for the land that they lived on.  Walking through pastoral land I reflected on how we currently use the land with farms growing produce for us to eat. The industrial areas of Geelong reminded me of the reality that we cut down our trees for building and paper, the large piles of timber turning our forest into woodchips.  As we walked through the night, the towers from factories reminding me of the fossil fuel we create for the the cars, transport and machinery that we use daily. I reflected on the development that our current lifestyle imposes on the environment.

The final leg of the Extreme Arts Walk led us to the coastline where my reflections were one of gratitude that I was lucky enough to be born in this country and live by the clean, picturesque coastline of the Bellarine Peninsula.

As an inhabitant and consumer of this this land and this environment I reflected on my role and my families responsibilities as carers of this land, and pondered future 'development' and its effect on Nature.

The boat is a symbol of the journey, the leaves symbols of the environment, and the sail projects image of the journey, as well as some of the early indigenous inhabitants of the land that we walked.

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